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This is a forum for anyone who enjoys, games, movies, friends, just about anything. This is a site hopefully, for anyone. I wanted to make a forum where I could broadcast my video game and movie reviews, along with help people with my knowledge of games a
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 Ok so i am trying to do a campaign and need input.

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The Outer Ring
The Outer Ring

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Ok so i am trying to do a campaign and need input. Empty
PostSubject: Ok so i am trying to do a campaign and need input.   Ok so i am trying to do a campaign and need input. I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 24, 2013 5:10 pm

So the basic premise of the campaign is they meet the quest giver. She helps a little but mostly does her own thing.(ill put her down in a min and yes shes OP but shes not meant to fight them but help them when/if they get high lvl). She needs there help to get her adventuring partners outta various imprisonments. And then her group and the party are going to do a major assault on a undefined(depends how they act) are (aka hell, abyss, evil god plane, evil kingdom). But my issue is how to meet her and actually get party to work with her. Also i need to make sure her back story is good so i have a well defined story for party to learn as they get reviled. So have at it i guess 

Paragon Half Celestial Frostwind Virgo (female) Size Medium
20 levels Paladin 10 levels Grey Guard Divine Rank 0
Lawful Good Deity Heimdall
Land 440 Ft Fly 880 FT (good) swim speed = land speed and can do run move in water and flying
HP   1380    AC    179    Fort 87 Ref 68 Will 74    Initiative +19
Str 56 +23
Dex 40 +15
Con 58 +24
Int 42 +16
Wis 44 +17
Cha 62 +26
Reach 20ft Attack 101/96/91/76 (3d10+23+26+20+3) 19-20 crit x3
Armor +24 moon ivy (aporter, fort heavy, ghost touch, clamored, stypic, deepweller, roaring, called)
Weapon Huge Moonsilver Halberd (+20 Halberd) (defending, brilliant energy, warning, keen, hide away, blessed) 19-20 crit x3
Misc Items (bag of holding)
Divine Health, Divine grace, Aura good, Aura courage, Detect evil, Turn Undead, Smite Evil 8/day, Remove dieses 5/week, lay on hands 1/day (930hp), Sacrament of true faith, Devastating Touch, Unbound faith, Smite any alignment, Debilitating touch, Sacrament of trust, Dark vision 60ft, DR10/-, Daylight At will, Resurrection, Protection from evil 3/day, bless, aid, neutralize poison, sure serious wounds, Remove dieses, dispel evil, holy word, hollow, mass charm monster, summon monster IX celestial only, Spring attack, Fly by attack, dr10/cold iron, Mind freeze Aura Dc 56, Frostbite touch dc 51, Captivating Call dc56, Icy Vortex (ref dc56 to half), Fast Healing 38, Combat reflexes, Improved combat reflexes, Epic Speed, Leadership, Stand Still, divine might, Jack of all trades (get +13 on any skill check even if not skill points in it)
Languages (tongues aka all languages written and spoken) and telepathy
Balance 90
Bluff 87
Climb 53
Diplomacy 81
Escape Artist 25
Heal 77
Hide 25
Jump 53
Knowledge Religion 71
Perception 72
Move silently 25
Read lips 71
Ride 90
Sense Motive 72
Swim 61 (can take a auto 10)
Use rope 25
Bearhound Mount 180hp speed 50ft ac 30
Birth- Her father was a angel named Akroma that was trying to clear the northern icelands of the north of evil forces. As he was patrolling he sees a lone beauty with slightly blue skin her name is Ymir. Even though he was divine he had a weakness for beautiful women. Even though he had been able to resist and just be happy with his thoughts and seeing. He sensed evil in her and he thought that he could do as he pleased. He swooped down on the fey and pounced she was shocked but didn’t struggle. After he finished he left her laying in the frozen tundra. When he arrived back at his post his commanders he was pulled to the side. He was told that he had to right his wrongs that he had committed or else face execution. So he flies back over the planes day after day never being able to yet return to his people  until he finds her. Then one day he went to a village and into its inn. He is then asked by the innkeeper to help a woman who is giving birth. SO he walks in to the room and finds the women he say on the ice fields 9 months ago. He freezes unsure what to do at first. He then decides to help the woman to maintain face until the villagers leave. And after hours of labor a female child is born. A beautiful winged child with white hair, solid white eyes, pale skin, and her wings are dark with a blue tint. The woman stares at the angel that holds her baby. In her weakened state she is no match for him and he knows this. He asks the villagers to leave. After they leave he draws his spear and plunges it into her heart. He then takes the child back to his camp so judgment can be passed on the child. When he reaches the camp he is shocked to find a monastery raised in there god’s name and has very few warriors around it. When he enters he finds his once commander at the alter and now the leading priest of the temple. He asks him what he shall do with this child an unsure mix of good and evil. The priest lays the child onto the alter and closes his eyes. The now father looked at the scene with many levels of mixed emotions, its his child yet it is born from evil. Suddenly the priest declares that the child shall live and that it shall be trained and raised by her father and that once she hit the age of being able to bear children she will be tested and upon that result her life or death sentence.
Childhood- She was raised by her loving but warrior father. She was trained all her life in right and wrong, law and chaos, of how to fight with both body and with tongue. She was not the only child that lived in that temple but in all the training and classes she was always at the top of her class. Though she was the only female in the whole temple she never let that bother her or ask for any special treatment, not like she would receive any. As she grew her beauty and talent start to catch of people outside of the temple and there began to be sutras and betrothal offers when she was 12. These greatly annoyed her and made it harder to train and learn but she still achieved. Though on the morning of her 13th birthday the priest and her father walked in and said that she had to go out to a field to a cave with them. This wasn’t the first time she was asked to go to one of the local caves but it was the first time the priest came with. It was a short journey and when they arrived there was a large horn in the center of the room. Her father went on top of it and lay bare chested. The priest then handed her father’s halberd to her and said ‘you must pass judgment upon your father’s sins. He betrayed the faith and was seduced by evil. As you may have well guessed your father is an angel and your mother was a evil fey of ice and that gave birth to you’ she contemplated all her training and feelings. She then looked the priest dead in the eye and said ‘my father has atoned for his sin by training me and passing on the skills for me to be able to continue to atone for his sins. That and it is not right to kill someone that will help hold back the frozen north from the rest of the world’ she pauses for a second then says ‘anyway if you think of it he has made the perfect weapon to fight in the frozen fields of this land’ the priests laughs and then him and her father head back to the monastery with her where they go into the basement and give her father’s equipment to her. They say she can return there at any time but she never heads back again
Current life- She is normally alone on the fringes of society trying to protect though she is looking for a qualified few to help her on her campaign. She is a true believer in lawful good though she struggles with feeling compassion for others and understanding why creatures do certain things.
Possible cohorts: (sandstorm) half janni Gnoll Necromancer, (mm2) monster of legend Minator Barbarian, (lords of madness) shadow creature gold dragon cleric, (Libris Mortis) half-vampire catfolk ranger
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Raging Psycho
Raging Psycho

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Ok so i am trying to do a campaign and need input. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ok so i am trying to do a campaign and need input.   Ok so i am trying to do a campaign and need input. I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 27, 2013 9:33 pm

As far as how to introduce her, I would recommend a 'stumble-upon' scenario where the party happens to find her fighting an overwhelming number of clearly-evil NPCs and help her out. To add some depth to the story, this could be while they are investigating a place that there are rumors of while she is doing the same or something. Alternatively, the party could get into a jam which she could save them from (which takes some of the story-drive away from the players, but whatever). Just a few suggestions. (Although I'm not sure how this would fit in with our current characters, or even where they'll be in any short measure of time, given how high-level and horrendously overpowered she is)
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Ok so i am trying to do a campaign and need input.
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